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My applications details tab

Guidance on the details stored in the my applications page.

The 'Details' tab includes the following information: 

  • Details of the programme you have applied to will be displayed.
  • Previous qualifications provided as a part of your application will be displayed.
  • Your employment history as provided on your application will be displayed. You will not be able to amend these details after your application has been submitted. Should you have any urgent amendments, contact your admissions office via the email address given on the degree finder page for your programme.
  • If you used a representative to help with your application, details will appear here.
  • The personal statement and relevant knowledge provided as part of your application can be viewed by clicking these buttons.
My applications: details tab top
My applications: details tab top
My applications: details tab bottom
My applications: details tab bottom


Contact your Admissions Office if your question is related to:

  • The status of your application
  • Changes to your application or personal details
  • Information  to support your application

University of Edinburgh Admissions Offices


Contact Student Systems if you need help with a technical problem related to your application:   

Student Systems

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  • Technical support is available 9:00am - 5:00pm UK time Monday to Friday.


Contact Student Immigration if your question is related to the subjects below:

  • Amendments to your passport details
  • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study) 

Student Immigration Service

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