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Sponsio Academica

The Sponsio Academica is the oath, originally in Latin, taken by students matriculating into the four ancient Scottish universities (Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Aberdeen and Glasgow).

"I acknowledge that, in all matters relating to the teaching and discipline of the University, I willingly place myself under the jurisdiction of the Senatus Academicus, and I recognise that if, in the opinion of the Senatus, my studies or my conduct are unsatisfactory, it has the authority to forbid my continuance upon courses qualifying for a degree."

The following text is appended to the Sponsio on a student's matriculation form, and forms part of the agreement entered into with the University.

"I confirm that the information I have given on this form is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, complete and accurate. I understand that if I have made a false or misleading statement, or have omitted significant information, the University may terminate my registration. I undertake to observe the Ordinances and Resolutions of the University and abide by the rules and the regulations which the University makes for its students from time to time. I consent to the University’s use of the disability information I provide for the compilation of statistics, and to put support arrangements in place. I note that the University is required by law to provide this information to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. I acknowledge that I am personally liable to the University of payment of fees. In the event of any fee paying authority or other person or body not making payment on my behalf, I undertake to make payment of the full amount due to the University."  

Successful study at University stems from a partnership between students and staff.  Underpinning this partnership, the University has a supportive set of regulations, policies and procedures.  These, along with the Terms and Conditions of Admissions, form the contract between you and the University in relation to your studies at the University.  Further information on the 'Student Contract' can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

The student contract