Student Systems


Help for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including visiting students and online distance learners.


Guidance on how to matriculate for all new and continuing students, including online distance learners.

Making changes to your student record

How to make changes to your student record details via the MyEd 'Student Personal Details' channel, and the student record changes that you need to let us know about to make on your behalf.

My Student Record - Student Self-Service channel

Guidance on how to view your student record through your MyEd Student Self-Service channel.

Viewing in course assessment marks

How to view your provisional in-course assessment marks in EUCLID.

Student Support

Guidance on how to use your MyEd Student Adviser channel as a support system and for essential communications with your Student Adviser or Student Support Team.

Postgraduate research annual review

Guidance for postgraduate research students on how to complete and monitor the progress of their annual review form.

Data protection

Details about how the University of Edinburgh holds and uses your information.

Applying for an exchange programme using 'Mobility Online'

View guidance on the application process for exchange programmes using our 'Mobility Online' software.

Applying for a scholarship through the MyEd 'Student Self-Service' channel

Guidance on applying for a scholarship as a registered student.

Registering to attend your graduation ceremony

Help finding and completing the graduation ceremony registration form, including editing existing attendance details and cancelling a booking.

Disability and Learning Support Service

Guidance for students on viewing their Schedule of Adjustments.