Student Systems

Editing Progression & Award information

You are free to edit the progression and award information up until it's published. After the record is published, your progression superuser will need to unpublish it before any changes can be made.

Editing the progression and award information is done through the individual student progression record. You can access this record from the main student list screen by clicking the Edit button on the end of the student's progression line:

Screenshot showing the edit button for individual progression record

The sections below include more information and step by step instructions for editing progression and awards information.

If you need to make changes after the information is published, make sure to follow the guidance under Making changes after publishing.

How to edit the progression decision

You can change the calculated progression decision by choosing a new one from the drop down list under Progression details.

Adding award information

If the student will receive an award you may need to add the award details into their individual progression record.

Internal and student notes

You can write internal notes on the progression record for staff reference. You can also write notes for the student to see once the decision has been published.

Adjusting for special circumstances

You can edit the the progression/award information to make adjustments for special circumstances. Remember to leave internal notes about your actions.

Credit on aggregate

If the Board outcome was to progress or award the student with credits on aggregate, you'll need to update the course grade in Progression & Awards to award the credits.

Resetting the progression status

You can reset the status of the progression records if the status has been changed to "Ready for board", or "Ratified".

Changing a selection status

You can change the selection status through the individual student's progression record, or through Maintain Course Enrolment Rules.

Making changes after publishing

You should carefully consider making any changes after progression or awards have been published. The student has most likely seen the outcome already so you'll need to let them know if changes are required.