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Apply for new or additional access to our systems and software.

You must ask a senior colleague to approve your application before you submit it online.

We don’t accept printed applications.

How to apply

If you are new to the application process, read through our step-by-step guidance, below, before starting your application. This guidance is repeated in more detail in the application form’s introduction.

The application form requires you to login using your University desktop username and password. These may differ from your the University Login details you use to access MyEd and other University systems. If you do not have a University username and password, please see the Information Services Guidance on activating your University login account.

Apply for a Student Systems Staff Account.


Technical tip: Our application form isn’t currently accessible from iPads and other mobile devices. We recommend you open it from a laptop or PC in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


You must complete each section in order to proceed to the next one.

Ensure that you correctly enter your details, including your email address, otherwise we may need to return your application to you.

Step one: add your personal details

Fill in all ‘Personal Details’ fields, including details of the nominated senior staff member who will approve your application.

You will need to supply the following details about your approver:

  • their job title, forename and surname
  • their UUN and University email address

Typing ‘n/a’ or ‘unknown’ in a field will delay activation of your request for access.

Step two: confirm your compliance with the University's policies and regulations

Ensure that you have read and comply with the University’s guidance on data protection, security and disclosing student information.

The form will prompt you to visit six links to guidance and policy information.

Step three: select your roles

Discuss your access requirements with your line manager before completing this section.

To view and select available roles, select the ‘Show Role Options’ tab. Role descriptions are outlined in our Roles Glossary.

Visit our Roles Glossary pages (requires University login authentication)

Step four: review your application

You can review and amend any information before you send your application for approval.

If your application is rejected, your approver will outline the necessary steps to adjust your application.

We will advise you by email once we have approved it and again once we have granted you access.

Approval process

To gain access to our systems and software, your application must fit our selection criteria. A senior member of staff must approve your application, which our team will, acting on behalf of the University, accept or deny.

To gain access, you must:

  • be a University of Edinburgh employee who is either under a contract issued by Human Resources or designated as an associated staff member
  • require access to student data held in our systems in order to do your job

Access for students who are also University staff

If you are both a student and University employee, you can apply for a staff account in cases where a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) has been completed and approved for your role and your job title is:

  • identified in a EUCLID business requirements document
  • attached to a programme or course that requires access to our systems
  • attached to a student group that requires access to our systems

Further infirmation on DPIAs is available on the Data Protection website.

Requests for access for staff roles held by students without an approved DPIA will be rejected and we will write to the approver or line manager to explain the reasons.

Apply online

Once you have read through our step-by-step guidance and are confident that you fit our selection criteria, apply online for access by clicking on the link below.

Apply for a Student Systems staff account (requires Your University Login authentication)

View your application status

You can view the status of any previous or outstanding applications online.

View the status of your application for a staff account (requires Your University Login authentication)

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