Student Systems

Null sit recording when a resit is taken across two academic years

Guidance on best practice for recording a null sit on a record where the resit is taken in the next academic year


In instances where a student has been a granted a null sit on a course and then is taking the resit in the following academic year, we would recommend only having the course enrolled once on their record rather than in both academic years. This is because if the course is enrolled twice then the student would be left with a credit deficit on their record.


We would recommend enrolling the course in the following academic year when they are due to take the resit. This will mean that the student has full access to all of the course materials available in Learn at the time of the resit, whereas they wouldn’t anymore if the enrolment was for the previous year. To record a null sit in this way you can:

  • Record the null sit in APT on the original enrolment as you usually would
  • Then after Academic Rollover in August, enrol the course again for the new academic year and record the null sit here as well so that it generates the resit correctly
  • Contact Student Systems via the Course Amendment Request Form to request that the previous year's enrolment be removed from the record, explaining in the notes section that the resit will be recorded on the new enrolment


Alternatively, you could record both the null sit and resit on the original course enrolment because APT will now allow you to amend marks for the previous academic year. However the draw back to this is that the student would no longer have access to the course in Learn, so we’d only recommend this if that wasn’t required. This would mean that there would not need to be any changes to the student’s course enrolments.