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Component Additional Details

Component details, some of which are mandatory, explained in more detail.

A Funding Package will consist of one or more Funding Component Types. Component details are recorded for each Component Type and, where Components are funded by more than one source of funding, component details are required  for each of the funding sources.

Mandatory Component Details

Every component must have the following details recorded: 

  • (Sub)Fund/Scholarship               

the title of the scheme, or subfund name, from where you are allocating the funds for the component. Subfunds are maintained by you.   

  • Type                                                       

the funds for the component are for payment of a particular component type. There is a list of standard component types within the recording tool.

  • Amount                                                

the total amount of funds being payed for the particular component.

  • Source                                                   

the original source of the funds, may be internal or external source. Source of funding, sponsor records, are maintained by the Fees Team.


Tuition Fee Component

In addition to the above mandatory fields, the Tution Fee Component must also have:

  • Invoice To                                            

where the tuiton fee is being funded, you must provide detail of where the Tuition Fee Invoice is to be sent. Invoice To options are maintained by the Fees Team.

  • Authorised                                           

indicates to the Fees Team that you have checked and confirmed the information and they can use the detail for invoicing purposes.      


Where you are unable to select from available Source or Invoice To options presented, please email the Fees team, with a  subject title of Student Funding Recording and make a request for an additional Source and/or Invoice To  option.

Fees and Student Support Team

  • The University of Edinburgh

Contact details


The remaining detail fields are not mandatory.

These are fields that were requested by users during the project development and these are available for you to use for your own reporting purposes:

  • Start Date

First date of payment of funding.

  • End Date

Last date of payment of funding.

  • Payments

How many payments will be made across the academic year.

  • Schedule

Annually, monthly or Quarterly payments.

  • Acc. Code

Account code, this is not used by Fees or passed to Finance.

  • Job Code

Job code, this is not used by Fess or passed to Finance.

  • Cost Code

Cost code, this is not used by Fess or passed to Finance.

  • Ext Ref

Where an external funder has a reference for the Student in receipt of funding.

  • Percentage

Where the source of fudning is coming from several sponsors, record the percentage split.

  • Je-S

Joint electronice submission.

  • Notes

Any notes you may want to record. These notes are not published, the Student and other members of staff are unable to view these.