Student Systems

Reviewing calculations and decisions

After you've calculated you should review the calculations and decisions to make sure everything looks correct and resolve any issues.

The system will recommend a progression/award decision based on the underlying progression rules for the programme, and the student's course results and credit counts.

You should review the calculations and decisions for each student to make sure they look correct and resolve any issues. You can do this by reviewing the individual progression record and looking at the "calculations" and "course marks profile" tabs. Or you could run the Programme Board Report in BI to identify any issues across all students. 

Some points to consider when reviewing the records are:

Have all the students' marks and grades been entered?
  • If there are any missing, the recommended decision might not be correct. 
Is the progression decision as you expected?
  • If it's not as expected, make sure to check the calculations and course marks profile tabs.
  • Are there any course results missing?
  • Are the selection statuses correct? (if not, see incorrect enrolment/selection status)
Are any students missing a progression decision? i.e. it shows “No decision yet” or “Progression calculations not available”
  • Have you run the calculations? 
Are any students missing credits?
Do any students appear on the list twice?
  • Guidance on duplicate progression records
Do any students have an unspecified award calculated?
  • These students will show "Needs award" under the progression decision and will be coloured orange. You must complete the award details

You can use the list of progression/awards decisions to see what each one means and what the student will see once the decision is published. You can also use this list to select a new decision if you want to manually override the recommended one.

How to review an individual progression record

You can review an individual progression record by clicking the Edit button beside their name.

List of Progression & Award decisions

Here you'll find a spreadsheet with a list of all the progression & award decisions including what they mean and what the student sees once it's published.