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Edit submission and extension information for an assessment

Guidance on editing submission and extension information for an assessment.


Submission and extension information is required in the assessment structure for any courses that include a Coursework assessment. This information will be displayed to students when they apply for special circumstances through the Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) Service and will enable them to apply for an extension directly linked to this assessment. Assessments that enable extra time for learning adjustments will allow students to apply for extra time for submission and proofreading via the Extra Time for Adjustments(ETA) tool. Students that are eligible for this can apply through EUCLID from the link available in the Disability Support page of their account.

If extension or special circumstances applications related to a course instance already exist in ESC's system, any substantial changes to the assessment structure, even before it is marked as complete, will impact on these applications. Changing or removing extensions on coursework submissions will NOT provide notifications to students. Therefore changes made to assessment structures and extensions must be communicated to students separately. Please consult the ESC team ( before making any substantial changes to the structure.


1. Identifying the assessment structure


Open the Assessment Hub

  • From the ‘Students’ section in EUCLID open the Assessment Hub


Enter course code and academic year

  • Enter the code or name of the course you want to edit
  • Enter the academic year of the course you want to edit
  • Click ‘Search’


Open the Assessment page

  • Click ‘Set up assessments’


Edit assessment structure

You can only add extension information to structures marked as Coursework.

  • Click ‘Edit structure’


Identify assessment structure

On this page you will be shown the assessment structure. It can have up to three different levels of structure:

apt 6


Assessment – This is the top level of a structure which applies to the assessment as a whole.

apt 5.1


Component - This is the mid level of a structure and can be added if the Assessment is made up of more than one component (e.g. The assessment is is composed of the Essay 1 and Presentation 1 components).





Item – This is the bottom level of a structure and can be added if the Component is made up of more than one item (e.g. The Essay 1 component used as an a example above is composed of the tutorial participation and essay components).



2. Adding submission information to the assessment structure

Submission information can only be added to a single level of the structure and it is the information contained in that level which will be displayed to students when they apply for coursework extensions, extra time adjustments or extra time proofreading in the Assessment Support tool and Learning Adjustment tool.

Information contained in other levels of the assessment structure will not be displayed to students as options on which they can apply for extensions or special circumstances.


How to add submission information

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button for the level of the structure you want to update.
  • Select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Submission’ section. All assessments that are eligible for extensions and special circumstances consideration must be marked as a submission, otherwise students will not be able to select the assessment in their application and will be directed to the School.
  • Enter the due date and time. The due date must be within 10 weeks following the end of the course's delivery period. Dates of each delivery period can be found on the CCAM guidance pages.
  • Enter the number of days students can apply for an extension for.
  • If the assessment does not support any of the available extensions/adjustments, you must provide a “reason”, via the available dropdown cells, as to why extensions/adjustments are not given. Providing reasons should be discussed after recommended and default values are discussed.
  • If the assessment does support Coursework extensions and Extra Time for Learning Adjustments, click ‘Yes’ and enter the number of days (by default, extra time for submission is 7 days). Once this is done, the students can then apply for each of the Coursework extensions and Extra Time Adjustments. A reason must also be provided when extra time submission lesser than the recommended 7 days is provided on an assessment. You can select from a list of dropdown reasons.

  • If the assessment does support Extra Time Proofreading  then click ‘Yes’.  When extra time for proofreading is enabled, then a fixed value of 7 days is available to all eligible students, should they choose to receive it.

  • Entering the hand-in instructions is optional but helpful, because students will see them when they are applying for extensions and extra time adjustments.

Note: See default settings for a standard Submission below. Due date and time must also be entered.

Entering submission dates in APT

Note: You must provide a “reason”, via the available dropdown cells, as to why no extensions/adjustments are given.

Reason for no extension

Note: A reason is to be chosen when extra time submission is lesser than the recommended 7 days is provided on an assessment.

Reason for reduced extension

Note: If the assessment has a staggered submission date you do not need to enter the date and time.

Staggered submission
  • Click the “Continue” button once all information has been added.
  • Confirm the details seen on the Assessment Setup matches what you wanted captured.
Submission details screen

Mark the structure as complete

Note: To be able to add any further information to your course in the home page you will need to mark the structure as complete.

  • Click the “Back” button


  • Click the “Mark assessment structure as complete” button. Marking the assessment structure as complete allows students to view these assessments and their due dates within their Student Self Service account. Please note that students are able to apply for extensions and special circumstances on any structure that exists, even before it is marked as complete.


Next steps

With the assessment structure marked as complete you will be able to update any further information from the home page when required.



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