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Flagging assessments as double marked

Guidance on setting up assessment structure for Double Marking.


A new process to identify markers for assessments and manage double marking with in the EUCLID assessment and progression tools will be available in the next few weeks.  

This new functionality will allow you to:

  • set up markers for a course
  • record markers against marks when assessments are shared out for marking (not double marked)
  • process assessments where a student's assessment is marked by more than one marker: 'double marked'

For 'double marked' (ie, an assessment marked by more than one marker) assessments you can:

  • enter or import 2 or more marks for assessments, recording the marker
  • view the raw marks recorded by marker
  • reconcile the marks and record the moderated ('final') mark

The marks for individual markers are not displayed to students. For coursework, the final moderated mark will be visible to students and in the student hub once the provisional mark has been published.

Flagging assessments as double marked

The course assessment set up process now allows assessments to be flagged as being double marked. Both coursework and exams can be flagged as double marked.

When considering whether to flag an assessment as double marked or not, the following should be considered:

  • The double marking flag is stored at assessment level only currently. It is not possible to have both double and single marked items in an assessment
    • If your assessment structure has a mix, then the assessment should be set up as double marked. 


Setting double marking 1


Assessments with a mix of double marked and non-double marked items 

Currently only the assessment level can be flagged as double marked or not. If you have an assessment with both double marked and single marked items, the entire assessment should be flagged as double marked.

For the single marked items, the marks should be entered/imported as usual and then use the ‘Copy all’ function in the reconcile screen to record the mark for the item.

  • Currently, raw moderated marks (i.e. where the mark has been moderated before entry to EUCLID) cannot be imported. In these cases, one of two approaches can be taken:
  1. Set the assessment to double marked - the moderated mark can be calculated in the APT reconcile process then manually adjusted as necessary
  2. Do not set the assessment to double marked – only upload the moderated mark and retain records of the raw marks outside of the tools


When can an assessment be flagged as double marked?

Assessments can be flagged as double marked at any time until marks have been entered for the assessment. After that point, the marks will need to be removed to change the double marked flag.

Changes to the double marked flag after an assessment structure has been signed off will require the course assessment structure to be signed off again.