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Head of Division

Dr Xavier Donadeu


Group Leaders/Career Track Fellows

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Research Interests
Prof David Argyle Vice Principal and Head of College of Medicine & Veterinary, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Mechanistic studies into canine disease, specifically the focus of my research is comparative cancer biology.  This involves studies on the stem cell basis of cancer through to the translation of new therapeutics into clinical development.

Professor Kenneth Baillie Professor of Experimental Medicine

Translational genomics in critical care medicine.

Dr Tim Bean Research Fellow

The Roslin Institue shellfish team use molecular biology techniques to study bivalve molluscs, including fundamental aspects of bivalve biology, aquaculture, ecotoxicology and genetics which have direct industry and policy relevance. 

Dr David Collie Group Leader/Reader

Pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying lung disease.

Dr Mike McGrew Professor

Biobanking and genome editing of avian germ cells


Dr Gerry McLachlan Group Leader/Senior Research Fellow

Preclinical studies to evaluate safety and efficacy of vectors for respiratory gene/miRNA delivery in mice & sheep. Sheep as a large animal model for respiratory disease.

Dr Diego Robledo Career Track Fellow

My main interest is to understand responses to pathogens in aquaculture species. I use functional genomics to understand differences in resistance / susceptibility and learn about the genomic mechanisms underpinning successful immune responses. The final goal  is to exploit this knowledge to produce disease resistant animals through genome editing and genomic selection.

My research involves the whole range of genetic and genomic technologies, including genome assemblies and other genomic tools, animal breeding methods, functional genomics or genome editing.

To learn more about the research of the aquaculture genetics group at the Roslin Institute, please visit

Professor Bruce Whitelaw Personal Chair of Animal Biotechnology

Development of genetically engineered livestock for biomedical and agricultural applications.

Dr Thomas Wishart Group Leader

Elucidating the mechanisms underpinning neuronal development, stability and degeneration in health and disease.