Dr Diego Robledo

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The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush Campus, University of Edinburgh

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EH25 9RG


Scinetist in aquaculture genetics & genomics at the Roslin Institute.

As an undergraduate I studied biology in the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, NW Spain). During my PhD in the genetics department of the same university I studied sex determination in turbot, but also had the opportunity to work in other traits and species, generally developing genomic resources and studying immune responses to pathogens. For my postdoc I moved to the Roslin Institute where I complemented my expertise in functional genomics with skills on quantitative genetics and animal breeding, and applied them to study resistance to various diseases in Atlantic salmon.  Since 2019 I am a group leader developing my research ideas at the Roslin Institute, or at least trying to!

  • [2019-Present]    Roslin Fellow (The Roslin Institute)
  • [2017-2019]          Royal society Newton International Fellow (The Roslin Institute)
  • [2016-2017]          Postdoctoral research fellow (The Roslin Institute) 
  • [2011-2016]          PhD in Genetics (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

Always open to discuss opportunities in our research group.  The main criteria is to be nice and friendly. If you meet these criteria, please feel free to get in touch!

Research summary

My main interest is to understand responses to pathogens in aquaculture species. I use functional genomics to understand differences in resistance / susceptibility and learn about the genomic mechanisms underpinning successful immune responses. The final goal  is to exploit this knowledge to produce disease resistant animals through genome editing and genomic selection.

My research involves the whole range of genetic and genomic technologies, including genome assemblies and other genomic tools, animal breeding methods, functional genomics or genome editing.

To learn more about the research of the aquaculture genetics group at the Roslin Institute, please visit https://www.ed.ac.uk/roslin/aquaculture

Current research interests

Currently one of my main interests is to transfer disease resistance across species. We are currently investigating the genomic basis of resistance to sea lice of Pacific salmon species, with the main aim of transferring it to Atlantic salmon using genome editing. This project involves the use of the latest functional genomic technologies (single-cell sequencing, spatial transcriptomics) and proteomics, and is part of a large international consortium that aims to solve the sea lice problem in Atlantic salmon aquaculture. Other ongoing interests of our research group include exploring disease resistance in shrimp or the role of ubiquitination in response to viral diseases in fish species.


I am involved in the organisation of the Genomics in Aquaculture symposium, a friendly forum for the discussion of everything genomics in aquaculture.