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Economic impact

Independent analysis details economic contribution of Roslin to local, national and global economies.

Research carried out at the Roslin Institute contributed almost £20 billion to the global economy in 2019/20, largely through productivity improvements in agriculture and aquaculture, according to an independent economic analysis.

This figure includes a contribution of almost £325 million to the UK economy, more than £80 million to Scotland and almost £50 million to the local economy, according to the report from BiGGAR Economics, published in 2022.

Their report finds that Roslin’s work supports more than 1600 jobs worldwide, including 1325 in the UK and more than 1000 in Scotland.

For every £1 of public funds received, Roslin generated £3.40 in Scotland and £13.50 for the UK.

Table detailing Gross Value Added and employment relating to Roslin Institute for Scotland, UK and world.
Roslin's contribution to the economy, 2019/20.

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