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The Institute is part of the sustainability award winning Easter Bush Campus.

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Energy saving features includes high levels of insulation, minimising the need for cooling through the use of natural ventilation, extensive use of natural lighting coupled with a highly automated control systems for lighting, heating and ventilation. Rainwater harvesting is used to reduce demand for mains water while “green roofs” and permeable paving in car parks reduce the amount of surface water run-off which, coupled with a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), helps avoid overwhelming local surface water drainage systems.

The Campus Facilities Team is currently working with the University’s Works Division and Energy Office to achieve a better understanding of energy use across the Campus which will then be used to identify operational areas that can be targeted for energy savings. The recently formed Campus Sustainability Group is working with the University’s Sustainability Engagement Team to encourage the personal involvement of staff and students across the Campus in the identification of energy and sustainability issues and developing local strategies to deal with them including behaviour change and small scale technical changes.

Campus biodiversity is encouraged through the provision of “green roofs” planted with sedum and wild flowers, extensive naturalised landscaping and native tree planting while the recently completed “Dick Vet Hospital Garden” provides a mixture of habitats including naturalised water features. The SUDS attenuation pond and surrounding area is also providing a habitat for local wildlife including water birds and insects. In addition, an area of land has been allocated to staff and students for a garden allotment. This initiative is at early its early stages of development and only provides organic produces but encourages student and staff social engagement.

The Easter Bush Campus, received a Bronze Award for sustainability across its buildings in the University of Edinburgh's Sustainability Awards 2013.

The Roslin Institute was also awarded the Award in the University of Edinburgh's Sustainability Awards 2013. The award was for the Institute's work in creating safe, sustainable and secure laboratories.

The Easter Bush Campus and The Roslin Institue subsequently secured a Gold Award in each category from 2014 onwards

Staff and Student Sustainability Initiatives

Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) concepts are embedded in our curriculum as well our campus. The SRS thread runs through a wide range of subjects, e.g. veterinary public health, ecosystem health and veterinary ethics. It can also be seen in the methods of teaching, e.g. community engagement activities, problem- and work-based learning, student-led projects and technology-enhanced learning.

Students and staff are encouraged to develop a holistic understanding of how veterinary medicine interconnects with other disciplines. Studying at the R(D)SVS provides a unique opportunity to develop the skills and attributes required to ensure a sustainable future for all. Veterinary professionals are expected to put learning into practice, facilitating interdisciplinary research that balances a local and global perspective. Increased awareness of this professional requirement is embedded within our 2016 Gold Awards project.

 Easter Bush Gold Project Proposal 2016 (442.5 KB PDF)