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Access to world class expertise and facilities

The Roslin Institute is home to a large panel of expertise and facilities.

To discuss your project / idea or to get more detail on our expertise and facilities, please contact the on-site Business Development Team from Edinburgh Innovations.

The Roslin Institute has world class expertise and state of the art facilities in the following areas:

Animal breeding

Investigating the genetics of the mechanisms of animal development and function.

Animal health and welfare (livestock and companion animals)

Investigating methods to enhance the quality of animals or their products while improving welfare, efficiency and sustainability.

Human health

Infection and immunity insights into the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Food safety

Control of infectious diseases - to enhance the supply and safety of food by providing the knowledge required to detect, treat and prevent animal and zoonotic diseases.

Research divisions

Here are a few examples of research expertise of The Roslin Institute.

Our state of the art facilities

The Roslin Institute is home to state of the art facilities and services.