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The Easter Bush Campus is an interdisciplinary hub of expertise, with over 800 staff in diverse and complementary roles. 

We represent the largest concentration of animal science-related expertise in Europe, impacting local, regional, national and international communities in economic growth, clinical services and the advancement of scientific knowledge. Our mission is to provide world-class education, research and clinical services, to address local and global challenges in animal health and welfare, agriculture and One Health, which considers the health of people, animals and the environment.

Research and Innovation at Easter Bush

Through our various entities, we offer access to top-tier infrastructure and expertise to promote sustainable agriculture, disease control, and improved health. Our campus provides an exceptional environment for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as training and education opportunities. We serve as a key national hub for the Agri-Tech, Aquaculture, and Animal Bioscience industries (3As).

We collaborate with public, private, and third-sector organisations to promote interdisciplinary research and innovation at local, national, and global levels. Our hub is well-connected, with both push and pull drivers for innovation, and we strive to offer a vibrant environment for new companies to form, grow, and thrive. Our hub offers a range of benefits and resources to support this goal.