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Offering tools, reagents and assays to advance understanding in veterinary immunology.

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The Roslin and the Pirbright Institutes welcome applications from researchers wishing to make use of the Immunological Toolbox facility funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK.

The UK Immunological Toolbox activities at The Pirbright Institute focus on the sequencing of existing hybridoma cell lines and the generation of recombinant antibodies. The activities at the Roslin Institute focus on the production and characterisation of immunological reagents, developing new tools, reagents and assays to advance understanding in the field of veterinary immunology.

Services offered at the Roslin Institute include:

  • Protein expression
  • De novo generation of monoclonal antibodies
  • Assay development
  • Monoclonal antibody sequencing
  • Cloning & expression of recombinant antibodies

Each project can be individually tailored according to requirements. Additional advice on protocols and procedures is also available through discussion with facility staff and tailored quotes for specific reagent development will be provided according to our agreed costing structure.

Projects will be prioritised by a steering committee taking into account the nature of the tool(s) requested, their utility, community requirements and accessibility.

Project proposal submission

Procedure to submit proposals for using the Immunological Toolbox.

Services offered

The toolbox offers protein and antibody production and purification, assay development, as well as conjugation services.

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