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The Institute's work has posititive effects on a local, national and international level.

Economic impact

graph of Roslin economic impact
Each year, the Institute generates a total economic benefit to the UK of over £320 million gross value added and supports 1,321 jobs.

Animal health and productivity

Collaboration with companies contributes to better animal health, welfare and productivity.

Food security and human health

Sequencer in the lab
The Institute works with governments and industry to address the challenges of food security and human health.

Future impact

Research is expected to generate significant impact and extensive development on campus will generate wealth and employment.

Case studies

Atlantic Salmon
The Institute submitted six impact case studies to the last Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise in 2014.

Projects with industry

Gene-edited chickens that don't lay own eggs
Examples of agri-food, bioscience and biotechnology projects with industry.


Through key strategic partnerships the Roslin Institute is able to grow the impact and reputation of its world-leading science.