National Avian Research Facility
National Avian Research Facility

As part of The Roslin Institute, the NARF provides resources, collaborative expertise and advice for avian biology research, including genome engineering technologies, immunology, host-pathogen interactions, poultry welfare, physiology and behaviour, developmental biology and genetics.

Our mission is to improve the health and welfare of poultry, to benefit global food security and human health.

Genetically altered chicken lines

NARF maintains a range of reporter lines and lines for gene editing of chickens.

Poultry lines

NARF houses a range of chicken lines and Japanese quail, relevant to poultry production and with defined genetic characteristics.

Production of genetically altered chickens

Genome engineering facilities include primordial germ cell (PGC) and sterile surrogate host technologies.

Specified pathogen free (SPF) facility

NARF has an SPF unit that houses inbred and closed outbred layer chicken lines that are guaranteed free of specific pathogens and are particularly suitable for immunology research.


Research conducted using resources supplied by the NARF is diverse, encompassing immunology, poultry welfare and developmental biology.

Label Rouge chickens

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Chicken eggs

Please contact us for further details about our poultry lines, for ordering chicks and eggs, or to develop collaborative research.

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