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Milk-sourced protein drugs for animal health

Biosourcing in partnership with The Roslin Institute is exploring the production of biopharmaceuticals for animal health.

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Biopharmaceuticals are helping to address the challenges of sustainable development in livestock as well as improving care for our ageing pets.

BioSourcing is a leading biotech company that strongly believes in the value of biopharmaceuticals for animal health. BioSourcing focuses on breakthrough technologies already developed and validated in human health to transfer to animal health.

Working in partnership with The Roslin Institute, Biosourcing is exploring the potential of new genome editing technologies for the overexpression of biopharmaceuticals in milk. This will hopefully improve the production of large volumes of complex therapeutic proteins.

We are pleased to collaborate with Bio-Sourcing, a company that embraces the challenge of finding innovative solutions to animal health issues. This new collaboration complements Roslin’s mission to advance the health and welfare of animals, to underpin the livestock industry and address the global goal of food security.

Professor Bruce WhitelawInterim Director of The Roslin Institute

We are more than happy that one of the best worldwide research center brings its scientific expertise to our industrial project. We are convinced that the unique combination of our expertises will lead us to success.

Dr. Bertrand MérotBioSourcing Founder and CEO

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