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Secretary of State for Scotland visits The Roslin Institute

Michael Moore, the Secretary of State for Scotland visited The Roslin Institute today (Monday 12 July).

Michael Moore, the Secretary of State for Scotland visited The  Roslin Institute today (Monday 12 July). He was met by Professor David  Hume, the Institute Director who gave Mr Moore a tour of the current facilities and an overview of The Roslin Institute's work.

The Minister was given a tour of the Institute's new state-of-the-art facilities, due to open fully in 2011. The new research facilities form a part of the University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Veterinary Campus including the new teaching facility for Veterinary Studies, small and large animal hospitals and the new oncology centre.


The work of The Roslin Institute is at the forefront of animal life sciences. I am greatly impressed by the way in which Roslin is forging links with other Institutes to share resources and to develop new ways of working. The investment of £60 million on a new research centre can only be a good thing and will help draw the best scientists to Scotland.

Michael MooreSecretary of State

The Roslin Institute is a member of the Easter Bush Research  Consortium (EBRC), which brings together over 500 scientists from The  Roslin Institute, the Moredun Research Institute and the Animal Sciences Researchers of the Scottish Agricultural College. The partnerships and  integration with clinical practice and education in the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, provide major opportunities for application and exploitation of the Research of the consortium partners.