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Current job vacancies at The Roslin Institute.

Research Assistant Bone Biology

To analyse bone and serum samples from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy animal models. Closing on 19 May.

Easter Bush Campus Assistant

To provide effective HR Administration support to colleagues. Closing on 29 April.

Bioinformatics Research Associate

To investigate the role of structural variation in shaping cattle breed diversity. Closing on 17 May.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

To conduct research that aims to protect the brain in newborns deprived of oxygen around birth. Closing on 6 May.

Core Scientist - Molecular Microbiology

To conduct molecular microbiology research and manage a microbiology laboratory. Closing on 12 May.

Research Fellow – genomics/computational biology

To conduct research into the evolution of a major bacterial pathogen by comparative genome sequence analysis. Closing on 27 April.

Research Fellow – quantitative genetics/bioinformatics

To improve understanding of individual ducks and flock performance. Closing on 28 April.

Research Fellow – physiology/neuroendocrinology

To investigate the mechanism by which light exposure during artificial incubation of bird eggs exerts positive effects on outcomes. Closing on 28 April.

Senior Research Technician

To work in the day to day running of the lab for the Neonatal Neuroprotection Group. Closing on 23 April.

Research Fellow – Aquaculture

To contribute to research elucidating the functional basis of resistance to sea lice in salmonid species. Closing on 23 April.


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