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Current job vacancies at The Roslin Institute.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - shellfish aquaculture

To develop and implement field-based diagnostic tools in shellfish. Closing on 12 Nov.

Bioinformatics Research Fellow – Mammalian Gene Regulation

To study the evolution of genetic control of mammalian gene regulation. Closing on 1 Nov.

Research Associate – GenOMICC

To deliver a research programme translating the findings of a large Covid-19 study into real-world clinical impact. Closing on 14 Oct.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

To functionally map the impact of cattle genetic variants on gene regulation and disease. Closing on 25 Oct.

Quality Assurance Assistant

To work with scientists ensuring the quality of their work from concept research through to publications. Closing on 19 Oct.

Research Fellow in statistical phylodynamic modelling of virus transmission and evolution

To analyse data for virus infections and help develop phylodynamic inference and models for the effects of vaccination on virus spread and evolution. Closing on 29 Sep.


The Roslin Institute welcomes requests to host fellowships from applicants within and outside the Institute.


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