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Fellowship opportunities

The Roslin Institute can support you in your fellowship application.

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** Please note: this page is aimed at people who are intending to apply for substantial external fellowships. It is not a vacancy advertisement. **

The Roslin Institute is a world leader in animal genetics and One Health biology. If you are planning on applying for a research fellowship, the Roslin Institute is an excellent option for scientists and we would be pleased to consider sponsoring your application.

Support for fellows

The Roslin Institute has an excellent track record for supporting fellows and fellowship applications. There are more than 12 fellows at the Institute.

The Institute has a team with specific knowledge and expertise in fellowship applications that can guide and support you, including advice on which fellowship would be right for you, how to apply and specific support in writing the application and preparing for fellowship interviews.

Successful early career applicants with eligible independent fellowships are enrolled in the Institute’s career development programme and supported throughout the process of establishing an independent research group.

Fellowships we support

Fellowships the Institute supports include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship
  • MRC Career Development Award
  • Wellcome Career Development Award
  • ERC Starter and Consolidator Grants
  • BBSRC Discovery Fellowship (postdoctoral)
  • Wellcome Early-Career Award (postdoctoral)
  • Marie Curie Slodoska Action (postdoctoral)

The above list is not exhaustive and we are open to supporting applications for other fellowship programmes.

Asking Roslin to sponsor your application

If you are considering making an application for a fellowship with the Roslin Institute as the sponsor, please write to for initial enquiries and provide an up-to-date CV and a brief description of your proposed research.

For postdoctoral fellowships please indicate the intended supervising group leader. A list of Principal Investigators can be found in the People section of the website.

We would encourage you to do this at the earliest stage possible, preferably at least six months before the application deadline, although we will consider enquiries closer to the deadline.

Your expression of interest will be considered by our Fellowship group who will follow up with you to discuss your vision and track record, and its fit to the Institute remit, to advise you on next steps.

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