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Current Studentship Vacancies

TitleClosing Date
EASTBIO: Optimizing surveillance under limited resources, a travelling salesman problem05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Dark matter in the microbiome, assembling eukaryotic genomes from large metagenomic datasets05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Identification of interferon stimulated genes that restrict cross-species transmission of influenza A virus05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in chickens under feed restriction and its interplay with the host transcriptional response to nutritional stress05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Using ribosome profiling to identify novel mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of bovine tuberculosis05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Design of breeding programs to improve honeybee health and production05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Efficient and Sustainable Genomic Breeding in Turkeys05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Rapid mobile sequencing and bioinformatics for transboundary diseases05 January 2020
EASTBIO The chicken or the egg; unravelling immunological mechanisms of in ovo vaccination05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Fine tuning of the biomineralisation process: Deciphering the myriad of regulatory procedures05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genomic features recruiting repressive polycomb group (PcG) complexes during evolution05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Uncovering the basis of hair shape variation and evolution05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Environmental and genetic risks for disease over the lifecourse of a canine cohort study05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Influence of systemic inflammation on neurodegeneration during CNS prion disease05 January 2020
EASTBIO: A novel stem cell-based platform to compare ASFV resistance and resilience in domestic and wild pigs05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Artificial Intelligence Mediated Discovery and Bio-validation of novel regulators of nervous system stability05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Intracellular persistence as a mechanism of immune evasion by Streptococcus agalactiae 05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Haplotype evaluation of key regions of the ovine genome involved in variation in response to infection and vaccination using long read single molecule sequencing technologies05 January 2020
EASTBIO: The role and optimisation of the microbiome in molluscan larval development05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Exploring the multilayer world: application of multilayer network analysis for livestock disease surveillance and control05 January 2020
Elucidating the transcriptomic regulation of tissue fusion processes during embryonic development30 November 2019
EASTBIO: Functional studies of T cell-mediated immunity in birds05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genetic dissection of individual health trajectories and their role in disease transmission05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Functional role of transcript diversity in salmon immunity: development of full-length RNA sequencing 05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Developing Ovine Immune Omics for sheep genomic improvement05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genomic epidemiology of bovine mastitis pathogens05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Mapping disease genes in endangered cattle breeds05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Single cell analysis of invasion and establishment in the intracellular pathogen Theileria annulata05 January 2020
EASTBIO Role of metabolism-related islets in Salmonella pathogenesis05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Modelling bovine tuberculosis infection in stem cell-derived macrophages05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Optimising breeding strategies in aquaculture using molecular marker information05 January 2020
EASTBIO: The epidemiology of bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) in the Tanzanian small holder dairy sector05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genome editing for resistance to white spot syndrome virus in whiteleg shrimp05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Time to hatch and feed: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underpinning appetite in birds05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Rapid mobile diagnostics for zoonotic pathogens in LMICs05 January 2020
Application of stem cell technologies towards next-generation veterinary regenerative therapies30 November 2019