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The LSRFortessa and Fortessa X-20 are available for use by all researchers who have received appropriate training.

To request training in the use of the Fortessa X-20 or LSRFortessa, please contact Anna Raper.

It is of great benefit to both the trainer and the trainee to have an initial discussion prior to training. This allows the trainer to determine:

  • What you wish to measure, achieve, from your experiment
  • What type of samples you are running
  • What fluorochromes you plan to use
  • Whether you have the correct controls, for set up, compensation and gating strategies

Following this, an introduction to the instruments will be provided; this will take approximately 2 hours and will be followed by an assisted/supervised session.

Instruction manuals for each of the analysis cytometers are available within the Facility, and also online from the BD website.