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Edinburgh Genomics restructuring

Update on changes to Edinburgh Genomics structure.


A proposed restructuring of Edinburgh Genomics is underway and we’d like to take this opportunity to update on progress.

What is happening?

Edinburgh Genomics is restructuring operations to focus on its primary academic user community, whilst still offering sequencing services to external users. The plan is to provide more bespoke services and collaborations with researchers on experimental design, method development, library preparation, and bioinformatics analysis tools. This change of focus will necessitate some scaling back of capacity in other areas, for example high-throughput genome resequencing. 

What is not happening?

Edinburgh Genomics is not closing. Under the proposed new structure, most current activities will continue, although the large-scale, high throughput sequencing provided by the HiSeq X operation at Easter Bush campus will be discontinued from early 2020.

What impact will this have on users of EG’s sequencing and bioinformatics services?

Edinburgh Genomics will transition to a smaller and more agile operation. The sequencing portfolio will continue to include short-read on Illumina’s Miseq and NovaSeq, long-read on Oxford Nanopore’s PromethION and PacBio’s Sequel as well as the popular Sanger sequencing. Applications will cover the gamut across genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics, in addition to our range of bioinformatics tools and training workshops. 

Edinburgh Genomics is very much open for business and will continue to underpin sequencing projects in environmental, agritech and biomedical research.

From early 2020, sequencing and bioinformatics services will be consolidated at the King’s Buildings campus and Edinburgh Genomics welcome all enquiries from academic and commercial users. With your continued support, we are planning for a long and exciting future.   

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