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Positive male role models at the Institute

To celebrate International Men's Day, a number of our male scientists raise awareness and give men and children good positive role models to look up to.

The 19th November is International Men’s Day. The theme of 2018's International Men's Day is "positive male role models" and focuses on giving men and children good positive role models to look up to.

Professor Mick Watson

It is important to raise awareness about this day. According to the Office for National Statistics, 76% of suicides in the UK are committed by men.  Suicide is currently the leading cause of death in men under the age of 50 across the UK.

To celebrate International Men’s Day, we have asked a number of our male scientists to tell us about their work and family life.

Tiny things

Dr Joe Rainger

Professor Mick Watson is Head of Genetics & Genomics Division. He tries to figure out what tiny things do, both at work and at home!

Genetics of the eye and juggling

Dr Adam Balic

Dr Joe Rainger studies developmental genetics of the eye in chickens and juggles his research career with raising his two boys.

Immunology and scientists from all over the world

Dr Stephen Chiweshe

Dr Adam Balic conducts immunological studies in chickens. He brought his son to the Easter Bush Campus Open Day and showed him that our scientists come from all over the world.

Livestock production and the fun side of science

Dr Stephen Chiweshe works to improve livestock production all the way from disease diagnostics to vaccine development. He brought his daughter to our Open Day and she interacted with different scientists learning a lot of the fun side of science.

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