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Cell Sorting and Flow Cytometry

We make a distinction between Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and Flow Cytometry.

Cell sorting flow cytometry

If you need to characterise AND physically separate cells, read on here. If you need to characterise cells only by Flow Cytometry, visit the Flow Cytometry Page.

  • BD FACS Aria IIIu 4 laser Cell Sorter: The cell sorter is contained within the Bioimaging Suite G.063 in Lab G.067 and has a dedicated operator who will set up the machine and run your samples. Please contact Bob Fleming or Graeme Robertson for initial training, booking and rates relating to the instrument. You will be provided with an introductory SOP with a questionnaire that relates mainly to Health and Safety considerations for the Sorter Staff, but also to provide the user with guidance as to how to prepare samples for sorting and to provide us with as much information as possible pre-sort. Current FACS Aria III Configuration.
  • BD FACS Jazz Cell Sorter. This is used for simpler sorts and serves as a backup instrument when the FACS Aria III is busy. If you have trouble booking time on the Aria, contact the Bioimaging staff who should be able to run your cells on the BD FACS Jazz.