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April 2021

In this issue we share our latest vacancies and news about a protein linked to severe Covid-19, a feed additive that strengthens chicken bones, a new agritech hub, and surrogate chickens that produced donor breed chicks. Read it at

December 2020

This issue contains our latest vacancies, blog posts, feature articles and news about our latest animal research award, sustainable fish farming, chlorinated chicken, antimicrobial resistance, sewage tests for Covid-19 outbreaks, reducing plastic waste, a costly poultry virus, and breeding for disease resilience. Read it at

September 2020

This issue contains our latest vacancies as well as news about restoring fertility, seasonal timing, reversing ageing, bird flu threat, efficacy of face masks, and more. Read it at

June 2020

The latest findings about Covid-19 and related research awards, news about a new programme to support agritech start-ups, research that will inform selective breeding of cattle and aquaculture species, and fun science activities to do at home. Read it at

March 2020

Roslin researchers work to meet the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our exciting new Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF), the genetics of diseases, a prestigious award received by Roslin scientist Professor Helen Sang, job vacancies, and more. Read it at

December 2019

2019 at Roslin video, news about a surrogacy advance, bacteria jumps between species, a future E. coli vaccine, dog behaviour genetics, events, job vacancies, and much more.  Read it at

September 2019

News about flu-resistant chicken cells, Batten disease, productive cattle, vaccines, centenary, events, jobs and more. Read it at