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Interim Director of The Roslin Institute Announced

Professor Bruce Whitelaw has agreed to serve as Interim Director of The Roslin Institute until a new Director takes up the post later this year.

Bruce Whitelaw

13 January 2017

Professor Whitelaw is an experienced scientific leader and has headed the Institute's Developmental Biology Division for 12 years as Deputy Director.

Professor David Hume is stepping down after leading the Institute for ten years.

In a recent communication to staff, Professor Bruce Whitelaw said: “I am honoured to serve as Interim Director until a new Director is confirmed. Roslin is an illustrious institute. For much of this we owe David Hume a huge debt of thanks. David has been a tireless servant and has set in motion many exciting initiatives. I look forward to working with you all to ensure we exploit these opportunities to secure our continued success.”

Professor Hume will continue his work as a Principal Investigator and will maintain a research group at Roslin.  

Professor Sir John Savill, Vice Principal and Head of College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh said: “I have found it a privilege to work alongside David during a decade in which he has enthusiastically guided Roslin to a world-leading position.  I am sure I won't be alone in offering thanks and congratulations to David for having done a superb leadership job.”

The Director position was advertised in late 2016, with recruitment and selection taking place in early 2017.