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The first ever global zoonotic TB roadmap

A roadmap to combat zoonotic Tuberculosis was launched last week at the Union World Conference on Lung Health in Mexico.

Dr Adrian Muwonge

Zoonotic tuberculosis (TB) is a form of tuberculosis in people caused by Mycobacterium bovis, which is often transmitted to humans through contact with infected animals, mainly cattle, and consumption of infected products. It is not a new disease, but has long been neglected.

Ending the global TB epidemic is part of the goals set by the United Nations, aiming at inclusive, multidisciplinary approaches to improving health throughout the world by 2030.

Dr Adrian Muwonge from the Roslin Institute is contributing to accomplishing this ambitious goal. He chairs the Zoonotic TB section at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) which kick-started, created global awareness and contributed to the development of the first ever roadmap of zoonotic TB.

The roadmap defines 10 key priority areas for limiting the impact of this disease on humans and their livestock and calls on stakeholders such as government, donors, academia, non-governmental organisations and private partnerships to action.

Providing a unified voice by the global health bodies, the roadmap advises stakeholders to prioritise the following:

  1. Mitigation of risk of transmission of zoonotic TB
  2. Strengthen the diagnostic capability
  3. Access to timely diagnosis and effective treatment 
  4. Foster inter-sectoral collaboration

By bringing the global stakeholders together, the Zoonotic TB section at The Union has been instrumental in developing the roadmap. This global policy framework is fundamental for controlling zoonotic TB and consequently improving the health of humans and animals.

Dr Adrian Muwonge

The new roadmap of Zoonotic TB has been developed by the World Health Organisation, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Food and Agricultural Organisation under the stewardship of The Union.

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