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News articles released by The Roslin Institute in 2011.

Protein sheds insight into spread of vCJD to the brain

A protein linked to the immune system could play a key role in helping scientists understand how vCJD spreads throughout the body.

The Roslin Institute in new industry collaboration

The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh and NewVectys join forces to generate breakthrough innovations for human and animal health.

Chicken virus study sheds light on how human cancers develop

Fresh discoveries about a disease commonly found in chickens could improve our understanding of some types of cancers in people.

UK food and farming benefits from research to combat animal diseases

Over £11M of research projects are announcing results today as part of a concerted effort to help UK farming combat endemic animal diseases.

DNA find sheds light on the human brain

Brain cells alter their genetic make-up during a person's lifetime, Roslin scientists have found in a discovery that could shed light on neurological diseases.

Study could help battle against superbugs

Targeting a toxin released by virtually all strains of MRSA could help scientists develop new drugs that can fight the superbug, research suggests.

Roslin Creating New Ties With Hong Kong

A delegation led by Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the Government of Hong Kong, visited the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute on 15th September 2011.

Major new grant will help future vaccine development and secure safe food supplies

Researchers in Scotland have secured nearly £1 million to learn more about the immune systems of livestock and develop sheep and cattle vaccines.

The Roslin Institute opens its doors to the public

On Saturday 10th September The Roslin Institute threw open its doors to give people in the local area a unique chance to engage with the scientists working in the new state-of-the-art building.

Cows' stomachs could hold key to green fuels

Scottish scientists are investigating how tiny organisms found in the stomachs of cows could be used to create valuable industrial products including biofuels and pharmaceutical building blocks from waste plant materials.

First Minister of Scotland Opens the new Roslin Institute Building

Researchers from The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh have officially taken up residence in a new purpose-built centre with partners from the SAC (Scottish Agricultural College).

Study shows how chickens keep their cool

Its head looks like a turkey's, its body resembles a chicken's - now scientists can explain why one of the poultry world's most curious specimens has developed such a distinctive look.

Roslin Scientist announced as new Director for the Institute for Animal Health

The Roslin Institute would like to congratulate Professor John Fazakerley, Professor of Virology, on his appointment as the new Director of the Institute for Animal Health (IAH).

Eradication Of Hip And Elbow Dysplasia A Step Closer

Scientists launch study aiming to eradicate painful disease in Labrador Retrievers

UK Scientists Close In on Salmon Virus Resistance Gene

A team of UK researchers are closing in on a gene that affects resistance to a viral disease in Atlantic salmon.

Meeting to combat devastating disease in pigs

International experts are to meet to discuss ways of combating a fast mutating virus affecting pig herds.

Bovine Genotyping Made Easy

A new tool has been made available to scientists in the field of genome biology from work, produced by the Affymetrix Bovine Consortium.

GM chickens that don't transmit bird flu developed

Breakthrough could prevent future bird flu epidemics