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Hong Kong Health Partnership Agreed

The University has concluded an agreement with the Hong Kong Government.

May 2015

The Memorandum of Understanding focuses on researchers from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the Roslin Institute, and will encourage more exchange programmes and increased knowledge transfer with animal health professionals in Hong Kong.

The signing took place at a two-day workshop at the Hong Kong Science Museum. A wide range of topics were discussed, with an overarching theme of One Health - the concept that human and animal medicine are inextricably linked, with research outcomes which are applicable to more than one species.

In this short video, conference delegates describe Hong Kong's particular health challenges and explain how Edinburgh is helping to address them.

Topics under the microscope were diverse. They included an examination of how biotechnology can be used to combat infectious diseases in production animals; how new medical techniques are being used to preserve endangered wildlife; why gene technology could hold the key to diseases like Avian Influenza; and how vitamin D levels in cats and dogs can be an indicator of a range of complaints.