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Pig is genome flavour of the month

The National Human Genome Research Institute has voted the pig genome the "Genomic Advance of the Month".


I am delighted that our publication Analyses of pig genomes provide insight into porcine demography and evolution has been chosen as one of the National Human Genome Research Institute's (NHGRI) Genomic Advances of the Month.

Professor Alan ArchibaldHead of The Roslin Institute's Division of Genetics and Genomics and one of the lead scientists in the pig genome project

The 'Genomic Advance of the Month' initiative at NHGRI is part of an effort to expand the ways they promote and publicize the exciting discoveries in the field of genomics that are occurring with impressive frequency. Each month, NHGRI highlights a recent research article that they consider to be highly significant for its accomplishments and potentially far-reaching implications. The chosen article is featured on NHGRI's homepage ( along with a summary of the research written for the general public.

The pig genome feature can be found at the following link: