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Roslin's "Dolly" scientists to feature on Radio Four

In this week's Reunion, Sue MacGregor gathers together creators of Dolly the cloned sheep - including Roslin scientists.

Roslin's "Dolly" scientists to feature on Radio Four

BBC Radio Four's Reunion is a series that reunites a group of people intimately involved in a moment of modern history. On Sunday 9th Spetember Sue MacGregor will gather together creators of  Dolly the cloned sheep including scientists still based at The Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh.

Joining Sue MacGregor to recall Dolly's creation and  legacy is: Sir Ian Wilmut, then head of the Dolly team and now Chair of the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh; Professor Keith Campbell who led the scientific research; Bill Ritchie, who implemented the cloning theory; Marjorie Ritchie, the Institute's surgeon; and John Bracken, the anaesthetist present at Dolly's birth and the man who named her.

The show will be aired at on Sunday 9th September on BBC Radio Four and will be available to listen again at

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