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Topical issues under the spotlight, with perspective from our researchers.

Facility aids research on diseases of aquaculture species 

A prawn in the Roslin Institute aquatic invertebrate aquarium.
Specialist aquarium enables research towards managing common infections in prawns, oysters, mussels and more. 

Test could transform care for costly cattle disease 

A tsetse fly perched on a twig
Efforts to develop a field-side test for animal trypanosomiasis could transform management of the common, costly infection in smallholder farms. 

Snapshot of poultry science captured in research chronicle

Chicken looking at camera close-up in an outdoor pen
Fourth Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes collates a diverse body of work in a profile of scientific research. 

Severe bird flu season brings impetus to tackling virus

A colony of gannets is seen nesting on Bass Rock in Scotland.
Damaging, long-term outbreak highlights need for scientific interventions to track and target disease in poultry.

Working towards lice-resistant salmon

Atlantic Salmon
£1.7m study aims to identify genetic mechanisms that could make Atlantic salmon resistant to a key parasite.

High-tech facility shows molecules in a new light

High Tech Facility
Specialist scientific instruments enable discovery-led studies.

Pig studies aim to inform dementia treatments

Young adult female pig being weighed
Pigs with genes linked to microvascular disease offer critical insight into how the condition affects humans.

Contact tracing offers route to manage bovine TB

Feeding Cattle
Genetic analysis of infections can be applied to trace cattle disease outbreaks over space and time.

Sustainable farming in low-income countries

Pecking chicken
Caring for smallholder livestock brings challenges in contrast with those found in industrialised production.

DNA insights could help feed the world sustainably

Sheep in field in Scotland with lake and hills behind.
Scientists will generate resources based on genetic data to support sustainable food production for a growing population.

Research Focus: New research platforms help understand disease

Developing novel ways to refine, reduce and replace the use of animals in research and enhance animal and human health.

Research supports sustainable growth in fish farming

Atlantic salmon farm in Tasmania
Developments in genetics are helping to meet the challenge of producing farmed fish and shellfish, to provide nourishment to many.

Research Focus: Novel strategies to combat livestock diseases

Understanding disease resistance, infection, innate and vaccine-based immunity.

Welfare concerns raised over chlorinated chicken

Chicken looking at camera close-up in an outdoor pen
Imports of chlorine-washed poultry could impact on UK quality standards.

Lessons from the latest coronavirus

scientist working in a lab
The global effort to tackle Covid-19 has underscored the strength of collaboration and a broad research base.

Research Focus: Gut bacteria offers clues on animal health

Microbiomes Website
Insights from investigating the microorganisms living in cows, sheep, chickens and bees.

Research Focus: Gene insights open doors to scientific advances

Genomics Website Card
Knowledge and understanding of genes and genetics are key to developing healthy, productive animals.

Research Focus: Expertise supports tropical livestock management

Tropical Liver Stock
Understanding the challenges of managing livestock in tropical climates, and harnessing ways of optimising health and productivity.