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The Roslin Institute to benefit from new Sequence-Based Genotyping

Keygene N.V. an Ag Biotech company announced today that it has entered into a licence agreement with the University of Edinburgh in the field of Sequence-Based Genotyping (SBG).

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Under the agreement, the University of Edinburgh obtains a non-exclusive licence for the use and application for research purposes of KeyGene's patented SBG technology including RAD-Seq. The SBG patents protect methods which allow discovery and scoring of genetic markers without genome sequence information in an extremely cost-effective way.

We are very pleased with licensing the University of Edinburgh in this important research field of next-generation sequencing based genetic marker analysis. The ability to perform genetic marker discovery and genotyping simultaneously finds widespread use in a huge range of species.

We welcome the use of SBG technology for research applications by leading organizations such as the University of Edinburgh.

Michiel van EijkCSO of KeyGene

The license will enable ARK-Genomics, a national capability based at The Roslin Institute and strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), to deliver genotyping-by-sequence projects to the farm animal genomics community. The ARK-Genomics national capability forms part of Edinburgh Genomics, a leading academic next generation genomics facility based at the University of Edinburgh.

Keygene's SBG technology will be utilized at The Roslin Institute to investigate the genetic basis of important traits in animal health and food security, such as the genetic basis of disease resistance and key production traits.

Since the first publication of reduced representation, sequence-based genotyping methods such as RAD-Seq, we in Edinburgh Genomics have been keen to make this transformative technology available to all our collaborators across the biological sciences.

With this licence and the support of KeyGene we will be able to drive further discoveries in crop, animal and environmental science.

Prof. Mark BlaxterDirector of Edinburgh Genomics


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About KeyGene

KeyGene is a privately owned, innovative molecular genetics Ag Biotech company with a primary focus on the improvement of 6F (Food, Feed, Fiber, Fuel, Flowers and Fun) crops. KeyGene's passion is a Green Gene Revolution approach to explore and exploit natural genetic variation in vegetable and other 6F crops. KeyGene delivers sustainable responses to the world's needs for yield stability & quality of vegetable and field crops. It supports its strategic partners with cutting edge breeding technologies and plant-based trait platforms to meet their needs. KeyGene performs strategic and applied research with more than 135 employees from all over the world, with state of the art facilities and equipment. KeyGene has its headquarters in Wageningen, The Netherlands, a subsidiary in Rockville, USA and a Joint Lab with the Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai, China.


About Edinburgh Genomics

Edinburgh Genomics is a major academic genomics and bioinformatics facility, based within the University of Edinburgh. Based on our decades of experience, skilled staff, and cutting-edge installation of data generation and analysis technology, we collaborate with researchers across the biosciences including other academic centres, independent institutes and industry. Edinburgh Genomics has been key to the wide adoption of next-generation genotyping-by sequencing technologies by the wider research community. Edinburgh Genomics is recognised as a UK national facility by the Natural Environment Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Medical Research Council.


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