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Dr Almas Gheyas wins KTP Centres in Scotland Best Project Presentation

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Centres in Scotland prize for Best Project Presentation has been won by Dr Almas Gheyas for her work on the Marker-Assisted Selection of salmon carried out for Landcatch Natural Selection (LNS) Ltd. and The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Gheyas is currently in the third year of a project at LNS, Alloa, where she has been working on the successful application of Marker-Assisted Selection for resistance to the viral disease, Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN). This project has seen the first commercial application of Marker-Assisted Selection in Aquaculture.

This is cutting-edge technology which is enabling us to continue advancing our salmon breeding, greatly improving the health and welfare of farmed fish around the world. The contribution which Dr Gheyas has made to the success of this work is invaluable to LNS. We're delighted therefore that her work, especially her ability to communicate the science behind the improvements we're making, has been recognised in this way by KTP.

We also appreciate the role which KTP plays in enabling the breeding specialists we have at LNS and the research scientists of The Roslin Institute to work together to the ultimate benefit of salmon producers worldwide. We have a rich resource of scientific knowledge in Scotland to which, thanks to KTP, we now have good access as a commercial company. Such partnerships can only be of benefit to Scottish businesses with all the sales, jobs and prosperity that entails.

Hugh CurrieLNS Chairman

Dr Almas Gheyas joined LNS in January 2007. While remaining an employee of The Roslin Institute, she is seconded full-time to LNS working exclusively on the Marker-Assisted Selection project, which is jointly funded by LNS & KTP. She holds a PhD from the University of Stirling and also studied at Massey University, New Zealand. Born in Bangladesh, she also has a BSc and MSc in Fisheries at Bangladesh Agricultural University.

KTP is a UK-wide programme funded by 18 organisations and headed by the Technology Strategy Board, a business-led, executive non-departmental public body. For more information see