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The Institute’s long-term research programmes are delivered by four Scientific Divisions. Three Institute Strategic Programmes span the Divisions.

Developmental Biology

pig and piglets
The Division of Developmental Biology investigates the mechanisms and control of animal growth and development, from the molecular to the whole organism level.

Genetics and Genomics

Scientist in the genomics lab
Research in Genetics and Genomics is concerned with understanding complex animal systems and developing improved predictive models.

Infection and Immunity

Opening to secondary bronchi whole mount macred
Infection & Immunity researchers aim to understand the interplay between host and pathogen and translate this knowledge into the prevention and treatment of endemic and zoonotic bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases.

Clinical Sciences

Nurses at the Royal (Dick) Vet School of Veterinary Studies
The goal of the Division is to improve the lifelong health and welfare of veterinary and human patients.

Institute Strategic Programmes

Three Institute Strategic Programmes, which are funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, span the Divisions of the Institute.