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The Institute’s long-term research programmes are delivered by eight Scientific Divisions. Two Institute Strategic Programmes span the Divisions.

ISP: Genes & Traits for Healthy Animals

A group of sheep
This BBSRC-funded Institute Strategic Programme seeks to sustainably enhance animal productivity, efficiency and welfare by dissecting genotype-phenotype relationships and their biological basis.

ISP: Prevention & Control of Infectious Diseases  

Microscopic image of Macrophages
This BBSRC-funded Institute Strategic Programme seeks to reduce the burden of infectious diseases of farmed animals and zoonoses.

Division of Bacteriology

Bacteriology staff list

Division of Functional Genetics

Functional Genetics staff list

Division of Epidemiology

Epidemiology staff list

Division of Genome Biology

Genome Biology staff list

Division of Immunology

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Division of Quantitative Biology

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Division of Translational Bioscience

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Division of Virology

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Clinical Sciences

Working to improve the lifelong health and welfare of veterinary and human patients.