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Clinical Sciences

Working to improve the lifelong health and welfare of veterinary and human patients.

We actively collaborate with clinicians, clinical scientists and basic scientists to deliver a translational veterinary medicine pipeline from bench to bedside and back again and enhance the detection and treatment of diseases.

Our research is underpinned by the Institute’s world leading expertise in animal genetics, immunology and epidemiology. The Division's research themes (see below) attract funding from diverse sources and augment our BBSRC-funded strategic programmes on Blueprints for Healthy Animals, Control of Infectious Diseases and Improving Animal Productivity and Welfare.

The Division benefits from outstanding facilities including primary care and referral hospitals for companion animals, equine and production species, the Centre for Comparative Pathology, the Wellcome Trust Critical Care Laboratory and the Large Animal Research and Imaging facility. Together, these position the Easter Bush Campus as a world leading centre of innovation and expertise in the field of comparative biomedicine.

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The activity of the Clinical Sciences Division has three core aims:

Pathophysiology of disease

auscultating a cow
Exploring the mechanisms and consequences of important veterinary diseases.

Validation of disease models

Validation of disease models
Development of models for animal and human disorders.

Diagnostic and therapeutic translational veterinary medicine

Developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to advance both animal and human welfare.