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Case studies

The Vet School, of which Roslin is a part, and SRUC jointly submitted a range of case studies in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework assessment.

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, of which the Roslin Institute is part, submitted along with Scotland’s Rural College impact case studies to the most recent Research Excellence Framework exercise, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our research. 

Details of REF case studies

Innovative modelling provides crucial evidence that underpins Brazil’s international climate commitments and continuation of national support for sustainable agricultural practices


Incorporating novel data-driven approaches into cattle genetic improvement programmes leads to better animal performance and overall economic gains


Foot and mouth disease in Scotland: Improving preparedness and outbreak responses


Transforming genomic selection in commercial breeding programmes for pigs, dairy goats and poultry


Refined greenhouse gas reporting informs policy and mitigation measures to reduce emissions from agriculture


Invention and development of the Livetec Nex® results in enhanced global poultry welfare


Qualitative Behaviour Assessment: An animal welfare assessment tool used worldwide


Implementation of large-scale vaccination programmes to control rabies in dogs and protect human health


Genomics-enabled breeding for disease resistance prevents mortality and improves welfare in aquaculture


Sustained long-term control of Human African Trypanosomiasis infections in Uganda through economically viable strategies

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