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There is a calendar booking system for each of the analysis cytometers. Please only book the required period of time for analysis of your samples.

For staff, please look for the following calendars on outlook:

  • ROSLIN BD Fortessa
  • ROSLIN BD Fortessa X20

External users, please contact Anna Raper.

It is important that the cytometers are not left on overnight or over the weekend. Users are expected to check whether they are the last user of the day and turn the cytometers off accordingly.


The following rates will be charged for the use of the instruments:

For staff: Fortessa and Fortessa X20 £42 per hour for all University of Edinburgh users.

For external users: please contact Anna Raper for information about the charges.

For cell sorting charges, using the BD FACS Aria III, please visit the Bio-Imaging webpage.