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Future impacts

Roslin's impact is expected to continue to grow, supported by data-driven discoveries.

The Roslin Institute’s future impact will be enabled by growth in its income streams, and by the development of the Easter Bush Agri-Tech Hub, which will bring together world-leading researchers from the Roslin Institute, the University of Edinburgh and other higher education institutions, public and third sector organisations.

The Agri-Tech Hub will help Roslin’s business support impact by enabling data-driven advances in the delivery of agriculture and aquaculture improvements and towards commercial solutions.

Table detailing Roslin's expected impact on the economy and jobs by 2024-2025.
Roslin’s total projected impact by source, 2024-25.
Table detailing Roslin's projected impact on the economy and jobs by 2029-2030.
Roslin’s total projected impact by source, 2029-30.

Source: BiGGAR Economics.

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