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News articles released by The Roslin Institute in 2008.

New £58 million research centre near Penicuik to provide jobs for 450 bio-scientists

Work on a £58 million state-of-the-art research building is due to start on-site on Monday 1 December 2008 at Easter Bush near Penicuik following formal approval of planning permission by Midlothian Council.

Chicks to give scientists clearer picture of fetal development

Scientists hope to gain a greater understanding of disease and birth defects with a new imaging database that will map the expression of genes that control development.

Study confirms vCJD could be transmitted by blood transfusion

A nine-year study in sheep has added to the evidence that vCJD can be transmitted through blood transfusion in humans.

Animal Scientists team up to tackle key health concerns

More than 600 scientists are joining forces to create a consortium streamlining research on animal diseases and its implications for human health.

Roslin Partnership Backed by Investment

The Roslin Institute is joining forces with the University and will almost double in size with £100 million of investment.

Scientists, vets and farmers work to beat pig disease

A virus that can cause economic devastation for pig farmers, welfare issues for animals and drive up the price of pork and bacon for consumers is being tackled by scientists, vets and the farming industry working together.

Song birds take their cue from signals in the brain

Birds know to sing in the spring because cells on the surface of the brain trigger hormones when the days get longer, research published in the journal Nature has found.