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The Director, his four deputy directors and the Campus Operating Officer provide leadership at the Institute.

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Professor Bruce Whitelaw is Director of the Roslin Institute and Professor of Animal Biotechnology.

Professor Whitelaw was Head of Division of Developmental Biology at the Institute for 12 years.

His world-renowned research group focuses on establishing robust methodologies for genome-editing livestock for biomedical and agricultural applications.

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Mark Stevens

Deputy Director (Research)

Professor Mark Stevens provides leadership with regard to the Institute’s research strategy and activities.

Professor Stevens is Personal Chair of Microbial Pathogenesis.

His research group focuses on animal and zoonotic diseases, as well as bacterial pathogenesis.

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Jayne Hope

Deputy Director (Culture and Equality)

Professor Jayne Hope provides leadership in promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity at the Institute.

Professor Hope is Personal Chair of Immunology.

Her research group focuses on innate immune responses to Mycobacteria and other bovine pathogens.

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Tom Wishart

Deputy Director (Translation and Commercialisation)

Professor Tom Wishart provides leadership regarding the Institute’s translation and commercialisation activities, and engagement with industry and international organisations.

Professor Wishart is a Professor of Molecular Anatomy. His research group focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms governing stability of the nervous system in health and disease.

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Paul Digard

Deputy Director (Emergence and Impact)

Professor Paul Digard assists the Director in identifying and evaluating emergent opportunities and provides leadership regarding the Institute's response to these.

Professor Digard is Chair of Virology and his research group focuses on replication and pathogenesis of influenza viruses. He co-ordinates the Institute’s Covid-19 research response.

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Portrait picture of Val White

Campus Operating Officer

Val Hughes-White is the Campus Operating Officer leading and developing the Easter Bush Campus operations, alongside the Roslin Institute operation and support teams. The aim is to deliver a beacon of good practice across all professional services on campus,  while providing a responsive, compliant, efficient and effective service delivery. Mrs Hughes-White is  responsible for fundraising, business planning, risk management and delivery of services across a wide variety of projects, both building development and operational.

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