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Bruce elected Fellow of the Society of Biology

Congratulations go to Professor Bruce Whitelaw in The Roslin Institute's Division of Developmental Biology on his election as a Fellow of the Society of Biology on 1st July 2013.

Bruce is an international expert in the development of transgenic technologies for production of genetically engineered livestock.

This is a great bit of news and I am delighted to have been elected to the Society of Biology. I look forward to contributing to its work in the coming years.

Bruce WhitelawThe Roslin Institute
Bruce Whitelaw

Bruce's research investigates the molecular events that accompany changes in the expression status of genes in mammals. He aims to develop and exploit gene transfer technology to investigate differentiation in mammals and exemplify the use of this technology through the generation of animal models of human disease, novel in vivo screening resources, and animals more able to combat infectious disease.

Knowledge gained through Bruce's research will lead to innovative biotechnological solutions to combat infectious disease in animals, evaluate new treatments of human disease through transgenic animal models and establish efficient protein production systems in animals.

The Society of Biology describes itself as "a single unified voice for biology; advising Government and influencing policy, advancing education and professional development and engaging and encouraging public interest in the life sciences."

Elected fellows are those who have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of the biological sciences in many ways including research or advancement of biological science that is of major importance.