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BD FACS Aria IIIu 4-laser/11 detector Cell Sorter

The cell sorter is contained within the Bioimaging Suite G.063 in Room No G.067 and has a dedicated operator who will set up the machine and run your samples.


Please contact Bob Fleming or Graeme Robertson for initial training, booking and rates relating to the instrument.

Cytometer Configuration

Laser Name Detector Array       Detector       Mirror Filter Parameter (Example)
Blue 488 nm Trigon A 655 LP         695/40 BP         PerCP-Cy5-5
    B 502 LP       530/30 BP FITC
    C   488/10 BP SSC
YellowGreen 561 nm      Octagon A 735 LP 780/60 BP PE-Cy7
    B 630 LP 670/14 BP PE-Cy5
    C 600 LP  610/20 BP PE-Texas Red
    D   585/15 BP PE
Red 633 nm Trigon A 735 LP 780/60 BP APC-Cy7
    B   660/20 BP APC
Violet 405 nm Octagon A 502 LP 510/50 BP AmCyan
    B   450/40 BP DAPI/Sytox Blue