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Funding supports research towards veterinary vaccines

University and ILRI renew livestock research partnership 

Animal research pioneer Dr Gerald Wiener dies at 97

Optimised technique aids research in tough tissues
£3.3m award supports research into tackling bird flu

Data reveals genetic diversity in horses' immune systems

Gene edited chickens are step towards flu-resistant poultry

Dolly the Sheep pioneer Ian Wilmut dies

Pig gene is critical for African Swine Fever infection 

Genetic material linked to dairy calf development

Rapid infection test could curb antibiotic resistance 

Project aims to curb losses from major cattle pest

Chemical markers in DNA reveal differences in the immune system of cattle breeds around the world

Professor Lisa Boden appointed new Head of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

£35.5m investment supports next phase of Roslin research

Multi-species study aids understanding of bird flu

Gene activity and digit structure define fingerprint pattern

Roslin Innovation Centre boosts UK economy
Stress insights aids fish and seafood health and welfare



Intensive farming and trade drove spread of livestock infection

X-ray procedure developed by Roslin scientists could transform poultry breeding
Enzyme therapy shows promise for childhood dementia
CTLGH award helps bring genetic gains to smallholders
Retinal examination can predict heart attack risk
UK scientists join forces to tackle bird flu

Vaccine campaign to free Indian state from rabies

Pandemic research team to develop lung disease drugs

Genetic finding could help beat fatal cattle infection

Pioneering scientist appointed as Director of the Roslin Institute 
Covid-19 mixed with flu raises risk of severe illness
Gene editing plus vaccines could eradicate disease
Gene hampers foetal growth in pigs, study finds
Study aims to produce lice-resistant salmon
Low-cost freezing method to safeguard indigenous poultry
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Stem cell approach aid studies of pig infections
DNA offers insights into pig muscle development


TV documentary tells the story of Dolly the Sheep
Genetic contact tracing could help curb TB outbreaks
Genetic tool could improve heat tolerance in cattle
Expertise to be shared in chicken embryo workshops
Rapid testing system to detect oyster diseases
Scientists back plans to progress gene editing regulations
Gene editing identifies disease resistance gene in salmon
Parasite insight could help treat livestock infection
Global network formed to investigate coronaviruses
Health care access could curb drug resistance in Africa
DNA region linked to disease resistance in tilapia
Environment drives DNA changes in Ethiopian chickens
DNA variations linked to severe Covid-19 risk
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dolly the Sheep
Agreement targets disease-resistant gene-edited pigs
Response to UK Government’s gene editing consultation
Poultry study points to genes linked to food bug
Covid early warning system could avert lockdowns
Genetic changes alter risk of food bug
Research partnership wins industry accolade
Study aims to curb threat of fatal disease in deer
Bird influenza tests sought to assess emerging strains
Sheep could be bred for climate resilience
DNA insights could help feed the world sustainably
Inside-out mini-guts aid research into poultry
Cattle immune cells could help treat disease
Rainfall drives adaptation in Ethiopian sheep
Protein linked to severe Covid-19
Gene technologies could help prevent swine flu
£74m investment for AgriTech Hub on campus
Gene tool holds promise of managing invasive species
Nutritional additive strengthens chicken bones
New findings could help reduce spread of vCJD
Surrogate cockerels and hens produce donor breed chicks
Smart vaccine scheme curbs rabies quickly
Vitamin D supplements boost immunity in the elderly
Study gives clues on animal origin of coronavirus
Genetic insights could help tackle food bug
UK Government consultation on gene editing


Scientist given key role at Food Standards Scotland
Gene discovery points to new Covid-19 treatments
DNA study reveals how your partner's genes affect your own health and behaviour
Scotland’s second Covid wave linked to travel trends
Coronavirus myths debunked: Popular Covid-19 conspiracies from Facebook fact checked
Pfizer vaccine is a triumph of science – and a concrete way out of the crisis
Welfare concerns raised over chlorinated chicken
TB insights may help breed healthier African cattle
£3 million study seeks to predict spread of viruses
Breeding for disease resilience is cost-effective
DNA insights could help protect manta rays

Sewage signals early warning of Covid-19 outbreaks


Gene map to aid studies of key traits in sheep
Genome explains differences in wild and farmed salmon
Sustainable lab scheme cuts plastic waste and costs
Study could help breed healthier Ethiopian poultry
Gene-editing tool to speed disease studies in fish
Prediction tool could help control bird flu
Immune cell ageing reversed by young microbes
Gene findings could help treat costly poultry virus
Domestication insight could aid livestock development
Solar farm to generate green power on campus
Livestock surrogates successfully made fertile
Researcher honoured for work on cattle disease
Modelling tool could predict pig development
Surrogacy method to aid welfare in poultry research
Stem cell study could curb need for animal tissue
Brain study uncovers key to seasonal timing
Experts are upbeat about quest for Covid treatment
Masks can block 99.9% of Covid-linked droplets
Mandela award recognises livestock work
Scientists seek test for cattle parasite infection

Monoclonal antibody toolbox

Adaptability of bird flu poses threat to poultry
Stem cell approach to aid vaccine development
Experts warn of second Covid-19 peak in winter
Monitoring wildlife could limit risk of pandemics

DNA insights could help breed healthier pigs

Testing system to trace Covid-19 via wastewater
Home DNA test data sought for Covid-19 study
DNA insights could aid small-scale poultry farmers
Face coverings can cut risk of coronavirus spread
Atlas of cattle genes sheds light on key traits
Genetics of Covid-19 patients is focus of study
Livetec Nex named as new product of the year
Gut bacteria offers clues on animal health
Venture platform aims to build agritech start-ups

Cryptosporidiosis in calves results in 'longer term production losses'

Obesity impacts on Covid-19 recovery prospects
Genetics expertise could transform fish production
Chicken study probes resistance to food bug
Low-cost method helps tackle sea lice in salmon
£5m Covid-19 study seeks to understand virus impact
Facility to boost research into animal and human health
Survey could help improve cattle disease tests
Roslin scientists support work to tackle coronavirus
Imperfect vaccines limit spread of poultry disease
Gene linked to bone strength in egg-laying hens
Genetic resistance to lethal virus found in tilapia
Test offers fast insight into chicken immunity
Survey gauges public opinion on gene-edited meat
Future of livestock production in the spotlight
New method aids study of poultry infections
Resilience to bovine TB traced to key genes
Antibiotic resistance surprisingly stable in pigs
Steroids could impair defence against coronavirus
Farm data capture tool will benefit Ugandan pig farmers
Cow gut study could help tackle disease
Livestock farms could benefit from genome editing
£7m award aids farming in challenging landscapes
Roslin scientist receives Order of the British Empire
Pupils monitor their bees' health in the lab


Hope for tackling complex gill disease in salmon
Genetic clues of TB spread revealed
Dr Wude Tsega: Using genomic techniques to improve the productivity of tropical livestock
Bacteria overcome hurdles to jump between species
Climate resilience of farm animals linked to genes
Chicken gene find could help improve vaccines
The future of livestock production and its (reduced) environmental impact
Social network insights could aid pig welfare
Stem cell partnership paves way to new therapies

Climate lessons could inform antibiotic resistance challenge

Genetic changes occurring during growth of lung cancer identified
How the Triple-A life sciences sub-sector is maturing as it pushes for growth
Roslin scientist speaks at the Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers (ASSG) annual conference
Research into pig disease inspires UK campaign
Stem cell studies pave way to leaner livestock
Emergence of bacterial disease potentiated by toxin
Cystic Fibrosis research by Roslin team
Surrogacy advance could aid rare chicken breeds

New agreement to develop E. coli vaccine

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships
Exploring positive welfare indicators in a qualitative interview study with livestock farmers
UK Immunological Toolbox - Veterinary vaccine development aided by new website
$3 million grant to tackle costly pig virus

Model predicts vaccine effectiveness in animals

Sheep research could aid insights into childhood dementia

Selective breeding of insects for use as animal and fish feed

Cow gut DNA study could help improve meat and dairy

Rats associate a smell with a positive experience
Chicken study sheds light on childhood eye disease
Gene-edited chicken cells resist bird flu virus
Genetic selection and editing could improve animal fitness
Gut worms may hinder the spread of prions to the brain
Over 100 years of bird flu and human pandemic
Dog DNA find could aid breathing problems
How vitamin D affects the immune system
Propensity to transmit diseases depends on genes
European consortium to ensure safer and healthier fish
Oral dog vaccine could help beat rabies
Sepsis study to investigate the role of genes in quest for treatments
Study of gene linked to blindness helps Border Collie breeders
Genetic study to investigate how flu jumps species

People choose romantic partners with similar lifespan

How bird feathers form in wave-like motion

Aquaculture genetics consortium set to tackle industry challenges
Gene-editing potential for tropical countries in Africa and survey launch
Interview with Professor Ross Houston
Sheep with higher vitamin D levels give birth to heavier lambs
Hen eggs with human proteins offer drug hope
Long-read DNA analysis can give rise to errors
Scottish consortiums take giant leap forward for salmon gill health


Animal lovers' empathy may be harwired into their DNA
The genes linked to red hair
Global bid to decode DNA of all life on Earth

Study could explain higher rates of human E. coli infection in Scotland

EU project to ensure sustainable supply of halloumi cheese

Gene study boosts bid to keep British bees safe from disease

Baby-naming trends reveal ongoing quest for individuality

Gene Atlas
Vaccine shows promise against widespread chicken disease
Comment on BSE case in Aberdeenshire

Visit of Scottish Government Cabinet to Easter Bush Campus

Novel method to monitor blood flow in pregnant pigs
Body's stem cells could be used to treat bacterial infection

MicroRNAs may predict lifelong cattle health, productivity

Superbug discovery renews hope for antibiotic treatment

Golden eagle genome study 'a conservation game changer'

Gene expression response to sea lice in salmon skin identified

Edinburgh to host World One Health Congress
New blood test for liver disease in dogs

Agenda: Cutting-edge research will improve livestock resilience

Gene study pinpoints superbug link between people and animals
Gene-edited pigs are resistant to billion dollar virus

Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility

Understanding the role of rumen microbes

CARNEVALE science-art exhibit explores pigs welfare

Gene expression and sex differences

How CRISPR is Spreading Through the Animal Kingdom

Research tops Aqua UK agenda

Royal visit to the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Salmonellosis and ileitis – are they linked?

Pupils look at rural careers

New poultry facility in Ethiopia explores genetic diversity

Roslin Institute earns top award for promoting women in science

Saving the British Bulldog
Cute Egg - Providing a safe supply of eggs to hatch the next generation of chickens

Scientists on brink of overcoming livestock diseases through gene editing

Gene Editing, Agri-Environment Schemes in Wales and an Exhibition About Women in Farming

DNA study of cow stomachs could aid meat and dairy production

UVAS Department Of Parasitology Sign Agreement With Two Scientist From Roslin Institute As Part Of Collaborative Project (CTLGH)

Collaboration between CPI and The Roslin Institute
Top 15 Anatomy News For 2017

Bill Gates and Secretary of State visited the Easter Bush Campus

FFAR awards to improve health and productivity of egg-laying hens

BBC Radio Scotland podcast on new study of susceptibility to influenza

CT scans successfully identified infections in the cheek teeth of horses

Benchmark ISA experiment tip of iceberg for genetic editing in aquaculture

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New findings could see lasting improvements in stem cell therapy in horses

Students to bring festive cheer to homeless and their animals

Gene experts set to tackle pest control

Can We Revive Extinct Species Like the Dodo?
Farmers urged to use genes in bovine TB fight

New approaches for breeding resistance to Infectious Salmon Anaemia virus

Poultry award for welfare expert

New award boosts research into Marek’s disease

Halloumi cheese gets a helping hand from science

Genetics study helps scientists understand mastitis resistance in sheep

Award winning Scottish research could pave the way for ‘low-emission cattle’

Dolphin Brains Show Signs of Alzheimer's

Roslin Innovation Centre

Best nutrition for footpad health

Health warnings on unpasteurised cheese 'should be considered'

Sheep gene insights could help farmers breed healthier animals

Roslin Technologies

Oyster farming to benefit from new genetic screening tool

Egg-free surrogate chickens produced in bid to save rare breeds

Scientists step up wildlife crime fight

Roslin Institute awarded £29m for infectious diseases work

Dog skull study reveals genetic changes linked to face shape & erect-tail dysfunction

Hello, again, Dolly
Human-pig 'chimera embryos' detailed
Edinburgh’s £1 billion City Deal set to make ‘huge difference’

Gene-edited pigs show signs of resistance to major viral disease

New Director appointed

Cause of Stroke Immunodeficiency Uncovered

Gene study sheds light on causes of childhood sight loss


Are these the chickens of the future?
Dolly at 20: The inside story on the world’s most famous sheep
Testosterone link to heart attacks in men, say Edinburgh researchers

Breakthrough in Amoebic Gill Disease Control

Computers learn to spot deadly bacteria

Physical attraction linked to genes that control our height, says study

Animal science company created

Migration Routes of Wild Birds May Reveal Early Warnings of Bird Flu Outbreaks

Researchers in Scotland develop E. coli vaccine for cattle


Could these piglets become Britain's first commercially viable GM animals?
Top dogs at risk of middle-aged spread, say Edinburgh University scientists
Glowing in the dark, GMO chickens shed light on bird flu fight
Kidney images reveal the secrets of how organ develops
How Tiny Particles Called Prions Access And Destroy The Brain
Genome allies win £6m to tackle big data bio challenges
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Labs in the lab: how scientists aim to root out disease in dogs
Altitude sickness 'two illnesses' says Edinburgh University study

Genetic Clues to TB-resistant Cattle

Sprouting feathers and lost teeth: scientists map the evolution of birds
Scientists Create 'Atlas' Of Genetic Switches That Turn Genes On And Off
Breakthrough treatment that could banish all flu epidemics
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British 'Pig 26' in drive to create disease-resistant GM animals
Roslin Institute granted £10m for animal research