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Squirrelpox virus spreads north of central Scotland

Red squirrel balances on small branch next to tree trunk
Scientists from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies have confirmed the death of a red squirrel from squirrelpox virus in an area previously unaffected by the disease.

Roslin wins Athena Swan gold status for second time

Two female scientists work at a bench in a lab at the Roslin Institute.
Repeat award from professional body at highest level underscores Institute's focus on equality.

Songbird reference genome aids avian research 

A white-crowned sparrow stands on stony soil.
Researchers have developed a standard DNA code for a species of wild bird, to support studies in avian biology. 

Cost-effective DNA analysis could support dog research

Lower-cost genomic analysis could enable affordable screening of individual dogs for genetic health conditions, and support breeding programmes.

Virus ancestry could help predict next pandemic 

A computer screen showing a map of Covid-19 incidence
Insight into virus evolution helps narrow the range of pathogens that could cause future epidemics. 

West Nile virus study sheds light on mitigating outbreaks

Mapping development of mosquito-borne virus offers clarity on managing risk of infections.