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Division of Immunology

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Head of Division

Professor Neil Mabbott

Personal Chair of Immunopathology

Group Leaders/Career Track Fellows

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Research Interests
Dr Tim Connelley Roslin Research Fellow
Dr Musa Hassan Chancellor's Fellow
Professor Jayne Hope Personal Chair of Immunology

Immune responses to Mycobacterial infections in cattle.

Dr Fiona Houston Senior Research Fellow/Group Leader

Molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of infectious and neurological diseases of ruminant livestock.

Professor Liam Morrison Senior Research Fellow

I am interested in the infection biology of protozoan parasites of livestock. I am particularly attracted to integrated approaches where we can learn about both host and parasite processes that are key to infection/disease progression – especially in the clinically relevant host, the cow. I work primarily on African trypanosomes, but also on Theileria parva , which together are the most significant pathogens affecting livestock in sub-Saharan Africa. I also work on Cryptosporidium parvum, a worldwide enteric pathogen of humans and livestock. My work aims to identify key host-parasite interactions that determine disease outcome, further our understanding of bovine immunobiology, and identify targets for interventions (e.g. drug & vaccine development).

Dr Tim Regan Group Leader

Dr. Regan's lab is concerned with exploring immune systems of invertebrate aquaculture species in the context of industry relevant diseases. This includes interactions with host-associated microbiomes, environmental stressors and environmental microbiota.

In the foreseeable future, much of this work will focus on how host genetics and environmental stressors affect blue mussel immunology using a whole range of molecular biology and –omics technologies.

Dr Kate Sutton Career Track Fellow

The Sutton lab is dedicated to delving into the intricate workings of the chicken's immune system. Leveraging state-of-the-art transgenic technologies pioneered at the Roslin Institute, our research hones in on elucidating the pivotal roles played by innate immune cells, specifically macrophages and dendritic cells, in host responses. Employing a blend of cutting-edge in vivo and in vitro models, our objective is to comprehensively grasp how these cells orchestrate immune responses to infections and vaccines within mucosal tissues. Using this knowledge we can devise more effective strategies to control disease and to enhance poultry health and productivity. 

The research in the Sutton lab is geared towards not only deepening our understanding of the chicken's immune system but also translating this knowledge into practical applications that can significantly benefit the poultry industry, promoting healthier and more productive poultry farming.